Arduino Course - Basic - Advanced

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What you'll learn

  • What is Arduino 

  • Arduino Pin Configuration

  • How to Write / Upload program

  • Error correction

  • Motor's with Arduino

  • Sensors with Arduino

  • Bluetooth with Arduino

  • Project :-

  • LED Blink

  • LED Fade

  • LED chaser

  • LED - Push Button 

  • Distance measuring

  • Smart Gate 

  • Blind Stick/Smart Gloves

  • Touch Sensor 

  • Bluetooth LED Control

  • Obstacle Avoiding car

  • Arduino Bluetooth Car

Learning all those things is very easy until you have intrest in it. Just learning will not helps you to gain knowledge, Doing project and implementing your ideas in to the project's are very important. This is a complete practical course, you will learn Arduino by doing projects ,so it is easy to understand the concepts also you can implement your own ideas. At the end of this course you will start making your own project's.