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Multipurpose PCB 


Multiusabe-board - PCB

Rs : 199.0 - 699.0

Why this PCB ?

  • No Complicated Connections

  • Multiple Project in single PCB

  • No soldering


What can we do with this PCB ?


  • All Basic Projects

  • Arduino Bluetooth RC car

  • Obstacle avoiding car

  • Line following car

  • Obstacle avoiding car +  Bluetooth car

  • Obstacle avoiding car +  Bluetooth car + IR

  • Voice Controlled car

  • Arduino Gyro Controlled car

  • Arduino NRF controlled car

  • Arduino Joystick Controlled car

  • Arduino Bluetooth controlled car with Joystick


Once the product is Purchased all the details will be given in PDF formate. You can do multiple project using this single PCB board. To know more details click the product image.

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